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Yo yo, 4 days weekend!~ April 27, 2007

Posted by ryutto in General.
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Friday finally!! And to add the next monday and tuesday are going to be free of work due to May Day. Wooo!~ Makes me go like this:

Or that Metal Gear Solid action! (Ninja Warrior show winner) :


Undefeatable LS videos by Umako~ April 3, 2007

Posted by ryutto in FFXI posts.
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Having so much adventures and images to share still requires more time to post. For now I fail to resist showing you some videos from our late activity in linkshell, copyright by Umako.

Both videos have High Quality downloadable and Youtube sources. Watch either you are able to.

Undefeatable LS vs. Dynamis Lord!~
HQ downloadable version

Undefeatable LS vs. Ouryu!~
HQ downloadable version

Umako is made of pure win!