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Japanese Festival in Alytus May 13, 2007

Posted by ryutto in General.

This weekend our nearby town Alytus turned into small Japan for the third time. This time I knew about it before hand and was eager to visit. It took place through the 4 days, but with my schedule I only could be there Saturday. Still I’m back with a lot of new experience and photos! Without the further ado, let me show and comment most of them:

Famous Japan sword maker Kunichira Kawachi came to tell and show us how they’re made. He had 4 apprentices to help him with making few blades and it was fun watching and understanding all the process. Second picture shows the raw material they start with to make the blades – iron ore from the rivers that turns later into damascus.


Also saw very nice doll set that’s popular in Japan on March 3rd celebration. Few pretty Kimonos caught my eye, as well.


 Saw many cute origami creatures. Delicate work.


Many Bonsai masters from different countries did teach or show people how to make those tiny cute trees.


Of course there were also many premade Bonsais to please our eyes and imaginations! Over 100 of them o.0
Present you only few of them:




Daughters were eagerly trying to get their camera shot and succeeded few times 🙂


And lastly but not least we saw a Kendo Show. It was more of a training session by some higher dan teacher Kubo Akira. We enjoyed it to the very end ^.^




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