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Equipment sets for my various jobs (constantly on the quest to upgrade little by little):


——\\\ Summoner: \\\——


Yinyang Robe / Vermillion Cloak / Tamas Ring / Evoker’s Ring /


——\\\ Black Mage: \\\——


Healing set: Pluto’s Staff, Yigit Turban, Yigit Gages, Yigit Gomlek, Uggalepih Pendant, Insomnia Earring, Antivenom Earring, Morion Tathlum, Tamas Ring, Genius Ring, Rostrum Pumps, Hierarch’s Belt, Sapient Cape.

Elemental set: Aquilo’s Staff, Jupiter’s Staff, Neptune’s Staff, Pluto’s Staff (others NQ), Elemental Torque, Wizard’s Gloves, Igqira Weskit, Yigit Turban, Penitent’s Rope, Sorceror’s Tonban, Rostrum Pumps, Phantom Earring, Moldavite Earring, Morion Tathlum, Genius Ring, Tamas Ring, Sapient Cape.



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